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tblART (see also message #147)

Dear all,

Please find below a question from the PISCIS cohort:

"Some of our hospitals have started to dispense Cabotegravir (GSK-744) and I cannot find either an ATC or a HICDEP code for this. Is there one in the pipeline"?

How do we code new (ART)medication not yet an ATC code assigned?


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    We provide a temporary code in tblART (and tblMED) for drugs which are not yet included in the official ATC lists.

    J05AX-CAB for Cabotegravir (GSK-744) was added on Sept 22 2014



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      Dear Feodor,

      Could you also provide me a temporary code for COBISTAT ( not to be confused with COBICISTAT).

      Thanks, Monique


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