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Branded or generic drugs

Hi everyone,

In the ART-CC we would like to identify whether ARV drugs being taken by patients were branded or generic. We are aware of a handful of cohorts who collect this information, but cannot see a way in HICDEP to capture this information in data transfers.

If any cohorts collect these data could you let us know what format it is in? Or if anyone has any suggestions for collecting these data in a harmonised fashion then that would be useful as well. On a phone call with Monique and Rikke this morning we briefly discussed adding a field to tblART with a binary variable indicating "Generic? Yes/no" for each drug code. Is this an oversimplification?

Thanks, Adam Trickey

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    Hi Adam

    We have discussed this for D:A:D as well but did not find it feasable. One reason is that, for example in Switzerland the doctors are not supposed to prescribe brand-names of drugs, but the name of the substance. The pharmacist can then discuss with the patient whether he wants the original brand (normally at a higher price) or (one of) the available generics. So, the treating doctor or study nurse don't actually know which brand name the patient finally received. The above procedure may differ between clinics as some (few!) have ART drugs on stock in the clinic and know what the patient gets.


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      Dear All,

      what about a new entry in tblART variable ART_RS (stop reason)? e.g. "Change to generic drug" categorized as 92.6 or 92.8?

      Best wishes Robert

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    Perhaps this kind of information could be captured in the REFILL table? Maybe it is more plausible to capture it along with the information there, as some cohorts would have to contact the pharmacies in any event to capture if a patient is refilling the prescription.

    Just a thought.



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