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GP120 sequence data

I received the following email, which sparked this post:

I have a question about LAB_RES_LVL2 table. When I compile the GP120 sequence data, I have the co-receptor result (CCR5 or CXCR4) and the full positive rate (percentage number). In which of the cells of LAB_RES_LVL2 table should I insert these data?

Now my question is as follows:
AS far as I can see this situation is not covered in the existing RES tables in HICDEP. I am not a bio-informatics person and have no clear idea of a good approach to this. For now I have had to inform the email sender that he cannot submit the data from the situation described above.
Anybody who can inform me different? Is there some way to capture the information in the existant HICDEP tables?

Rikke Salbøl Brandt (this time as part of COHERE)

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    Hello Rikke

    As we just have discussed at the WP4 TC and after consulting local virology-epidemiologists I suggest to wait with trying to suggest a structure for collecting tropism data (CCR5 and CXCR4). As we have both, virus and host data in this respect as well as different assay techniques with different result types (quantitative and qualitative) it is better to wait for a scientific project which asks for tropism information. These investigators then can also come up with a proposal on how to collect it.

    However, if there is someone in the discussion forum with a good idea we are happy to take that up ...


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