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New table: tblCENTER

We have adopted tblCENTER from IeDEA - Thanks to IeDEA for sharing!

This table contains information about the Center in general, such a geographical location, situation, level of care, population served and administrative dates.

Please review and contribute to the discussion.

  • Is the variable ADULTPED precise enough
  • Do we need additional administrative dates (e.g. related to censoring of data)



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    Thanks, Bruno.

    I think that the variable ADULTPED in tblCENTER (the variable for which population the center serves - paediatric, adult or both) is probably not specific enough to capture transition of adolescents from paediatric to adult services, as these services could often be delivered at the same centre.

    So specific options for work on transition could be:

    • a variable on type of clinic the patient attended (paediatric; adolescent within paediatric care; adolescent within adult care; adult), or the type of service that the patient received (e.g. adolescent services which could be delivered in a paediatric or adult clinic) - probably not collected at the moment but a possible future direction?
    • a variable on type of specialist that the patient was seen by, but this may be harder due to variability around definitions of paediatric /adolescent specialist..
    • Specific variables on transition e.g. is transition in progress? (yes/no) and is transfer complete? (if yes, date completed) to capture the duration of transition - but, perhaps issues again around definitions of transfer in different settings?

    Best wishes Heather


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