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tblDELIVERY_MUM - Delivery information related to the mother (4)

Dear All

This is the fourth topic with discussions of tables related to pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes in view of potential inclusion of some of the tables/variables in the IeDEA data harmonization efforts.

Please see http://www.hicdep.org/wiki/Hicdep_1.100/TableDeliveryMum for the current version.

BM suggests to consider the use of the three key fields

MOTHER_ID Patient ID of mother of child

PREG_SEQ Sequence number of the pregnancy for the specified mother

MEMRUP_D Date of rupture of membranes

plus the fields

MEMRUP_T Time of rupture of membranes

TEAR_Y Episiotomy/tear

BM suggests to create two new fields to capture location of delivery (home vs. health facility) and information about who helped in delivery (nurse/midwife, traditional birth attendant, doctor, relative, friend, neighbor, no one).

Further it is not clear how to code MEMRUP_T (as time hh:mm or dichotomous) and whether that information is available at all.

AS also questions whether TEAR_Y is actually needed  


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