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tblNEWBORN - Information about newborns(6)

Dear All

This is the sixth topic with discussions of tables related to pregnant women and pregnancy outcomes in view of potential inclusion of some of the tables/variables in the IeDEA data harmonization efforts.

Please see http://www.hicdep.org/wiki/Hicdep_1.100/TableNewborn for the current version of this table.

BM suggests to consider the use of the key field

CHILD_ID Patient ID of the child

plus the fields

BRFEED_SD Breastfeeding start date
BRFEED_ED Breastfeeding end date
ABNORM_Y Did any abnormalities occur (if yes, record in tblNEWBORN_ABRNORM)

Since tblNEWBORN only contains one record per child, time-updated information on breastfeeding cannot be recorded. BM suggests that we may consider adding more specifics in tblVIS http://www.hicdep.org/wiki/Hicdep_1.100/TableVIS in addition to the existing time-updated variable BREASTF_Y (Breastfeeding yes/no/unknown). The additional variable could code for mixed an/or formula feeding and possibly introduction of solids.


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