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Transition from Child to Adult


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corrected typo (diff)
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Request for new ART_RS codes
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added ART_RS2 - ART_RS4 to capture multiple reasons for stopping (diff)
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added table Program
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added tblPROGRAM (diff)
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edit (diff)


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Added CLIN_TYPE SPEC_TYPE and TRANS_STAGE fields to tblVIS to document the … (diff)
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Preparing change log (diff)
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Preparing ChangeLog (diff)
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Added new Field GENERIC as this was used in the most recent COHERE merger (diff)
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Corrected HPV Vaccines (diff)
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Transition from Child to Adult
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Added FAM_Y (Family history of CVD) (diff)


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Synchronized with ART_RS in tblART (diff)
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Added codes 70/75 for pregnancy as used in EPPICC (diff)
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Updated ATC codes based upon EuroSIDA and AHIVCOS suggestions (diff)
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Included new combination ATC codes J05AR15-J05AR19 (diff)


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More specific description for field CENTER (diff)
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Update specification for fields CENTER and PROGRAM (diff)
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Synchronization with ART_RS in tblART (diff)
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Added 4.1, 4.2, 11 (suggested by researchers) and 92.5, 15, 16, 16.8, … (diff)


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Request for new ART_RS codes
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