tblPREG_OBS - Obstetrical problems during pregnancy

This table describes problems during a pregnancy. Abnormalities in newborns are recorded in tblNEWBORN_ABNORM instead.

Please also read the notes on pregnancy tables.

Core fields

Note: Fields marked bold form the unique identifier for a record of the table.

Field name




Character (or numeric if possible)

patient id of mother



Sequence number of the pregnancy for the specified mother



  • 1 = Preterm contractions
  • 2 = Shortened cervix
  • 3 = Preterm rupture of membranes
  • 4 = Antepartum bleeding
  • 5 = Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR)
  • 6 = Preeclampsia/HELLP
  • 7 = Hypertension
  • 8 = Gestational diabetes (unspecified type)
  • 8.1 = Gestational diabetes (Diet)
  • 8.2 = Gestational diabetes (Insulin)
  • 9 = Placental abruption
  • 10 = Placenta praevia
  • 99 = Other, specify in PROB_S

type of obstetrical problem



description of other (99) obstetrical problem


numeric (mm)

In case of shortened cervix, the length of the cervix in millimeters.

QA Checks

Table Crosstable Error Code Description Study specific HICDEP?
AllTablesCrossTableATC001any date in database after DEATH_D in tblLTFUYES
AllTablesCrossTableATC002any date in database after DROP_D in tblLTFUYES
AllTablesCrossTableATC003any date in database before BIRTH_D in tblBASYES
AllTablesCrossTableATC004any date in database in the futureYES
AllTablesCrossTableATC005patients submitted previously who have been missed outYES
AllTablesCrossTableATC006Any fields not coded as coding lists on table definitionYES
tblPREG_OBSCrossTablePOC001MOTHER_ID+PREG_SEQ doesn't exist in tblPREGYES
tblPREG_OBSWithinTablePOW001PROB_T=99 but PROB_S nullYES
tblPREG_OBSWithinTablePOW002PROB_T<>99 but PROB_S non nullYES
tblPREG_OBSWithinTablePOW003PROB_T=2 but CERVIX_S nullYES
tblPREG_OBSWithinTablePOW003PROB_T<>2 but CERVIX_S non nullYES
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