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Welcome to the HICDEP platform

Link to the survey for cohorts interested in an HBV-Collaboration:

HICDEP stands for HIV Cohorts Data Exchange Protocol.

On this platform, you can browse, search and navigate through the following versions of HICDEP:

NEW: Public example data now available (download)


HICDEP is and will always remain a work in progress (details here). As the HIV field evolves, changes are made and new tables need to be specified. You can actively participate in the development of the HICDEP standard by posting questions and answers in the discussion forum. Note that due to recent spambot attacks you need to register for this.


If you have any questions or comments regarding HICDEP or this platform, you may discuss them in the discussion forum. You may also send email to info @

How to use this platform effectively

There are various mechanisms which allow you to use this website more effectively. You can read about them in UsingThisPlatform.


We want to thank the following collaborations and cohorts for having given us insight into their data exchange protocols:

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