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Welcome to the HICDEP platform

HICDEP stands for HIV Cohorts Data Exchange Protocol.

On this platform, you can browse, search and navigate through the following versions of HICDEP:

This site supports multiple navigation schemes:

Hierarchical browsing

The pages are structured hierarchically similiar to a file-system directory structure:

 - Homepage
   |- HICDEP versions
   |  \- Tables
   |    \- Fields
    \- General information

You can browse this structure by viewing the Index which is linked to on the top-right under the navigation bar of this website.

Tag-based browsing

Every page (where applicable) is "tagged" with the following information:

  • The HICDEP version which it describes (e.g. Hicdep_1.30)
  • The type of the page (e.g. Field)
  • The name of the table, if the page describes a table or a field. (e.g. tblAE)
  • The name of the field, if the page describes a field. (e.g. APPROV_D)
  • whether or not there are QA checks available for the item (e.g. hasQa)

An example:

The wiki page for the field APPROV_D of the table tblAE in HICDEP 1.30 has the following tags:

Hicdep_1.30 field tblAE APPROV_D hasQa

With this in mind, you can retrieve a list all fields without QA checks in HICDEP version 1.30 simply searching for articles tagged `field -hasQa Hicdep_1.30`

Timeline-based browsing

You can view earlier revisions of a page by clicking the link labelled "History" on the top-right of the corresponding page. For example, view this article's history. This can e.g. tell you when a provisional ATC code for a certain drug was replaced by the official code.

Finally, you can always simply search the full-text of all articles on this platform by surfing the search page.

Note to draft editors

If you are new to this wiki software, you might find the following resources helpful:

  • TracGuide -- Built-in Documentation of the Trac software.
  • WikiFormatting -- Wiki Syntax Cheatsheet and explanations

If you have questions, feature requests, suggestions or criticism regarding this online platform do not hesitate to contact us via email!

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